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At Shave-lab we only care about 1 thing - to offer everyone the best shave at a fair price.

For too long there hasn't been a decent alternative to the expensive shaver brands you buy in the supermarkets. With our membership, you don't have to pay a fortune for razor blades in the supermarkets.

No more paying a fortune for a great shave
No more using dull, old, worn-out razor blades
No more forgetting to buy razor blades


Our promise to you:

Only the highest quality
Free delivery
Delivery straight to your home
No hidden fee's
You can quit your membership anytime
You can change your membership anytime

Shave off up to 55% on razor blades comparing to the leading brands in the market!

Try the superior quality of our razors for only 29 DHS!

We think is should be easy and affordable to try out a serious alternative to the expensive supermarket shaver brands. Get the demo package with 1 grip + 4 razor blades by choosing a membership below. You will receive it within 1-2 days and delivery is free!


We ONLY want happy and satisfied customers, so you can quit your membership anytime you want. Even the same day you receive the demo package, if you want. You can also change your membership anytime you want. 
We just want you to get the best shave at the best price. Feel the quality of the razor blades for only 29 DHS.

2 blades
per month


Free delivery!
This is for the less frequent shaver. If you shave 1-2 times a week, getting 2 razor blades every month is perfect for you.

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4 blades
per month


Free delivery!
If you shave 2-3 times a week, getting 4 razor blades every month is the perfect subscription for you.

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6 blades
per month


Free delivery!
If you want (or need) a clean shave every day, getting 6 razor blades every month is the subscription for you.

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See how our shavers are made...
Day 1: Order the test package and receive within 1-2 days

We welcome you as a member in the shave club and you'll receive the test package. There are NO requirements for any further purchase and you can quit anytime you want. 

2 weeks later: First razor refill package is sent

To make sure you don't run out of razor blades, we will be sending you the first refill package 2 weeks after you joined. If you don't want to receive it, just go to your membership page and put your membership on hold. 

3 months later: Second razor refill package sent

3 months later you are most likely running low on razor blades, and we will be sending you a new razor refill package. If you opted for less frequent delivery, this could be 6 months later. 

6 months later: Third razor refill package is sent

3 months have gone by and again you are running low on razor blades, and we will be sending you a new razor refill package. This will continue for as long as you wish. 


This is the best overall experience I have had with any shaver, and at that price, it's a winner.

Raresh D.
Downtown Dubai, UAE

I was not expecting anything but needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely try their monthly plan. 

Roberto Lopez
Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE

Wauw, my legs never felt this smooth, and the blades were very comfortable. 

Gabby Winters
Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

I was impressed from the beginning with the cool black box. The shave was equally impressive. It's my new favorite shave.

John Needham
JBR, Dubai, UAE

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